Michael Capponi’s Fresh and Exciting New Mobile App

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Right now there’s no vacationers, but these tables could be full of individuals obtaining tropical drinks, Capponi adds. I see a stage right here, complete moon beach events with Haitian music. Here, we see Capponi as a philanthropist but did you know that he’s also into developing mobile applications?

Michael Capponi is a veteran of Miami, Florida’s real estate and nightlife universes. He’s been heavily involved in the development and building of many properties located all throughout the bright and airy city. He’s been a big part in the thriving of Miami’s nightclubs for years now, too. Needless to say, he’s one of the city’s VIPs. He even puts forth a lot of effort into humanitarian causes that are extremely important to him.

As a smart and skilled entrepreneur, Capponi saw an opening regarding blending elements of technology and nightlife. This compelled him to work with technology guru Gideon Kimbrell, who also is employed as a software engineer. The two made a brand new mobile app and named it InList. The primary objective of InList is to help people who are fans of nightlife remain in the loop regarding all of the major events going on around the world.

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